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Vinyl Wrapping

The latest and most innovative process to hit the world of car customisation is without a doubt car wrapping. Applying vinyl film to each individual panel of your vehicle will allow you to completely change the colour and appearance of your car without the need for complicated, permanent and costly paint respray. It also protects the original paintwork of your car from scuffs and fading, and can be removed by our skilled technicians at any time.

Our highly trained and expert team are here to bring your vision to life, whether it’s bespoke graphics for your business vehicle or giving your personal car a completely new look. We only use premium vinyl films from globally trusted manufacturers, applied with outstanding accuracy and attention to detail.

Purple Ford Mustang.jpg
Tesla Model 3 yellow wrap.jpg
Mercedes CLA pink wrap.jpg
Lamborghini Urus grey wrap.jpg

Vinyl wrapping options

Vinyl wrapping comes in many forms and sizes. We offer a great choice of customisation options, from little touch-ups to complete transformations. 


Full vinyl

Completely changing the appearance of your car, a full wrap consists of applying vinyl film to each individual panel of your vehicle. We have a huge range of colour options available, from stylish and elegant all the way to eye-catching and bold.

Bentley Continental GT.jpg

Chrome delete

Chrome delete consists in covering the exposed chrome trims on your car, such as window surrounds, grille surrounds or roof bars, with expertly applied vinyl film. This is most commonly completed in gloss, satin or matte black colour film, resulting in a stylish, elegant and sporty look and feel.

Ford Mustang purple.jpg

Partial vinyl wrap

Partial wraps allow you to customise specific panels or areas of your car, creating something completely unique to you. Vinyl film can be applied to the bonnet, roof, boot or wing mirrors for example, or we can even wrap the full top half of your vehicle. The options are endless!

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