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Light tinting

A great way to customise the look of a vehicle while adding protection and peace of mind is tinting the headlights, taillights, or even the indicators.


Here at AKtints we offer a variety of shades and colours, all applied by our experienced installers for a high-quality finish every time.



Light tinting package options

Tesla Model 3 headlight ppf tint.jpg

Light tinting

Tint your lights using transparent tinted PPF. This makes lights slightly darker and adds protection against stone chips and scratches. Very clear and the preferred choice for headlights.

Tesla Model 3 headlight ppf tint.jpg

Light tinting vinyl

Suitable for headlights and taillights, this option is perfect for those who want to add a touch of style to their vehicle. The shade is darker than PPF but doesn’t offer the same protective qualities. 

Porsche taillights.jpg

Coloured tinting vinyl

Stand out from the crowd with coloured tinted lights. You can choose from a range of different shades and colours suited to your personal style preferences, simply get in touch so we can advise on available options.

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